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The Job Cost module is the heart and soul of the eDENEB system as it consolidates the information relevant to each job in progress. Contract amounts and estimates or budgets are entered to provide the baseline for all comparative project analysis. Estimated and actual start dates are maintained by job, sub-job, and phase. Costs are grouped into the categories of labor and six additional user-defined categories. Within each category, cost codes may be defined for subtotaling and reporting. This feature provides easier tracking of different types of labor, material, and subcontractors.

Each job maintains default tax codes, workers compensation codes, and area codes that maximize the efficiency of input functions in other processing modules. All job reporting is available on demand and reflects the real-time job status, current to the last entry made in all linked modules. The job status may be identified as Active, Inactive, History, and Archive to reflect the job cycle. Numerous reports provided in this module reflect the priorities of the managers and estimators to identify costs, margin, progress and profit of the job. Job Cost history is maintained to improve bidding similar jobs in the future.

Job Cost Benefits
  • Links for Workers Compensation and Area Code defaults simplifies and improves the accuracy of workers compensation calculations and certified payroll reporting.
  • Flexible job/sub job/phase/cost code structure provides real time project management data rather than "after the fact" reports generated from traditional general ledger account structures.
  • Estimators and project managers have access to detailed job-cost data, but are only granted access to sensitive accounting information with administrative authorization.
  • Attaching documents, pictures, and estimates to a job improves document management by pooling all job reference files in one location.
  • Integrating all job reference files---documents, pictures, and estimates--- to a specific job number improves document management by pooling shared data in one location which can be accessed 24/7.
  • Multiple versions of Work-in-process reporting enhance relationships with banks, bonding companies, and accountant
  • Job Cost Module integrates with Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Item Billing, Equipment Control, Estimating, Accounts Receivable, Work Order, and Payroll.
Job Cost Screen Samples
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