Inventory Control

eDeneb Inventory Control Module

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The Inventory Control module is designed to manage the material assets and pricing of all levels of inventory. Items are tracked by location, providing better management of multiple warehouses, job storage sites, and service vehicles. Items are easily tracked when transferred from one location to another. Reorder points may be set for items in regular demand.

Quantity and Factor methods are available for setting multiple price levels assigned by customer number. The conversion factor on any particular item allows the purchase of items in one unit cost to be sold in another unit cost. The standard inventory valuation methods of LIFO, FIFO, Last Cost, and Average are all supported by this module. Any inventory issues made to a specific job will update the information in Job Cost in real-time as soon as the entry is made.

Inventory Control Benefits
  • Inventory Control management by location provides integrated data to control assets in multiple warehouses and/or service vehicles.
  • Allows just-in-time inventory review to reduce duplication and capital investment.
  • Reduces pilferage on the job site by providing an accurate audit trail of materials.
  • Current inventory valuation is available 24/7, allowing for immediate response to unexpected fluctuations.
  • Inventory Control integrates with Job Cost, General Ledger, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Equipment Control.
Inventory Control Screen Samples
Inventory Control Report Samples

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