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Construction Accounting Cloud Technology

Deneb, Inc. Offers Proven Job Management Solutions with State-of-the-Art Technology.

eDeneb is the third generation of the Deneb Construction Accounting & Estimating System which was originally released in 1985.

Since then, Deneb, Inc. has continued to distinguish itself in the construction software market with a long, proven track record delivering robust and comprehensive accounting and information management tools while providing customers with a competitive edge.

A browser-based product using Cloud Technology, eDeneb retains all of the functionality offered by its previous products, and delivers many more features and benefits. It provides solutions for just about any type of work flow you can imagine, streamlining the flow of information between the job site and the office and taking advantage of browser-based wireless and mobile communications. Work the way you want to work...eDeneb will maximize your productivity and profits!

State of the Art Technology

eDeneb is the Deneb vision of a state-of-the-art online construction accounting and cost-estimating system for those who want to benefit from all aspects of the latest technologies. It integrates with other software, can be customized for data sharing, offers a high level of data security, allows detailed scheduling, and offers drill-down interfaces.

Rich in features, fully integrated and modular in program and Microsoft SQL database design, eDeneb takes construction information management software to the next level. The ease of use and wide variety of project management reports makes your subscription to eDeneb the only logical choice to keep your competitive edge and manage your company!

From a broad range of standard reports with flexible selection options, to "drill down" capabilities, eDeneb gives you the tools to operate, analyze, and manage your employees and business effectively, efficiently, and most of all, at a profit!

You no longer have to imagine communications and data shared between the field and the office in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week performing such tasks as reporting time on line, material ordering, inventory issuing, and project review. eDeneb offers all of this and more! (Left: eDeneb mobile technology)

One-time data entry throughout the system is a key to efficiency. With all of the required "look-up" information and data transfer online, it's easier and more accurate than ever.

These are only the start of the benefits you will realize with eDeneb!

What is Cloud Computing?

One of the newer high-tech phrases being heard in the computer world is "cloud computing." The word "cloud" has long been a metaphor for the Internet, as the cloud diagram is often used to abstractly represent a network with vast underlying resources. In other words, "Internet" is actually an abstract description of an immense number of independent computers linked together by an immense number of connecting devices. Therefore, cloud computing generally refers to information technology applications using the Internet.

Deneb, Inc. is providing a type of cloud computing by offering a software application which customers can utilize through a browser. Customers pay Deneb a subscription fee for the service that may be based on usage and other support services. A key advantage to customers is minimizing the large up-front cost associated with installing a major software application in-house. This cost often includes the purchase of a server, as well as the purchasing and/or licensing the actual software. Another advantage is universal accessibility. The customer can securely use the application at home or office, or in the field. Product updates are immediately available to the customer when Deneb installs them.

Why should you consider moving to the cloud?

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Powerful Job Cost Capabilities Drive Efficiency

eDeneb streamlines business operations and drives efficiency with one-time data entry. Information entered into the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Item Billing and Payroll applications are immediately available in the Job Cost module. General Ledger is updated simultaneously.

Item Billing supports the standard AIA Billing format. Any item can be billed to any job in the system. Billed items can even be associated with a subjob and any specified phase of the job.

Job Cost is the primary reporting tool in eDeneb. There are ten Cost Category fields that may be used for Labor, Material, Subcontractors, Equipment, Permits, Travel, Overhead, Billings, % Units Complete and Miscellaneous.

Built-in reports for labor analysis, profit and loss, project analysis, work-in-process and more allow team members easy access to the latest data. A powerful query tool allows users to quickly search for information using keywords and filters. Reports are easily converted to PDF for printing or emailing to team members.

eDeneb's Job Cost module also makes it easy to set up a new business entity for a specific project, development or joint venture, with its own unique fields.

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