eDeneb Features Streamline Construction Project Management

Industry Specific

Designed specifically for contractors, eDeneb includes industry specific functions for retainer, progress billings (AIA billings), certified payroll, flexible job reporting, and more.

Features Cloud Technology

eDeneb's cloud-computing Construction Accounting Software is browser based on the Internet with many significant advantages for clients. Read why you should be moving to the Cloud.

Built on Job Cost

Job cost management reporting and project review is available in real time without any of the constraints inherent in generic accounting systems that drive reporting based on general ledger accounts or structures.


Users can connect to the internet from any location with 24/7 access to the company's most current financial and project information in real time.

Drill Down Inquiries

The presentation of items such as jobs and employee listings allow users to quickly and easily drill down to the desired level of detail.


Key data elements throughout the eDeneb system have search functionality, eliminating the need to memorize codes or carry lists.

Advanced Technologies

eDeneb utilizes the latest and most versatile technological advances in scalable software development coupled with a powerful SQL Database Engine.

Application Flow

eDeneb's menu structure follows a natural work flow through Payroll, Payables, Item Billing and other applications that intuitively guide the user through the system. The side bar menu makes it easy to move quickly from one application to another. The software works with you to accomplish daily functions of recording and processing work activity.

Comprehensive Payroll System

Supports income tax calculations for all states, local level income taxes, direct deposit, check printing, union and prevailing wage reporting, W-2 generation and electronic file reporting and more. There is no need to incur additional expenses by outsourcing payroll to a vendor, and no waiting on a third party to generate payroll reports for presentation to management.

Multiple Company Support

Information resides in each organization's secure data site on an eDeneb server. Applications are controlled at the company level, providing for separate operation of each company in a multi-company organization.

Data Integration

Information in payables, receivables, payroll and inventory control flows directly through to consolidation and reporting applications in Job Cost and General Ledger instantly as entries are processed and posted.

Customizable Data Views

Key data fields are user definable using your own terminology. Input field access can be controlled by application to reflect the operations of your company.


Information for your company is located in a reserved partition of the hosting server that is accessible only by a login procedure with two security levels.

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Powerful and Comprehensive Payroll

eDeneb's payroll software has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation as one of the most powerful and comprehensive solutions for general and specialty contracting firms that employ their own workforce. Payroll can be a complicated process, but eDeneb makes it simple to streamline this workflow, save time and control costs.

The Payroll application in eDeneb offers certified payroll reporting and supports EEO reports. Contractors have access to the most current tax and withholding information for all 50 states, including fields for city, county and school district income taxes. Users no longer have to wait for update disks or waste time downloading files. The latest state tax and withholding are always entered immediately into the eDeneb system so users always have the most current data.

Extensive tables for worker's compensation offer three levels of rate codes. Additional fields allow users to easily manage payroll deductions for child support, garnishments, health insurance, union dues, 401(k) and more. eDeneb includes a variety of calculation options to support various 401(k) programs. A fringe list offers drop-down menus for tools, vacations and other user-defined fringe benefits. Reimbursements and deductions can also be easily customized to suit the unique needs of any contracting operation.

eDeneb's HR interface allows users to capture comprehensive information about each employee including green card, apprentice level, driver license expiration, emergency contact, anniversary date and more. There is even a field for an employee photo. Users can create and define additional fields as necessary.

Remote time card information can be entered at the jobsite in one session or throughout the week. Input flags can be specified to control time card input. The Payroll application also supports text messaging to mobile devices, making it easy for administrators to ask questions or clarify time card entry.

eDeneb's Payroll application also supports Direct Deposit with the capability to create an ACH file that can be transmitted to the bank for one, several or all employees.

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