Item Billing

eDeneb Item Billing Module

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Item Billing is a specialized billing module that integrates with Accounts Receivable and Job Cost. Draw Requests, Units Complete and Percent Complete billings are generated in this module, and printed in any of six optional pre-set formats. Change Orders are tracked and Status is monitored for approval with the work process integrator. The module worksheet collects information from estimators, project managers and engineers to compile the amount of work completed in a current billing cycle, if not updated directly on line.

Billing can be prepared in a variety of applicable formats: the American Institute of Architects Document G702 (Application and Certification for Payment); G702/CMa (Construction Manager-Advisor Edition); and G703 (Continuation Sheet). Work Complete Percentages and Billings update Job Cost, General Ledger, and Accounts Receivable when Billings are posted.

Item Billing Benefits
  • Improves overall management of draw requests, unit and percent complete billings.
  • Eliminates the time and cost of separate spead sheets when using an AIA format for billing.
  • Improves the management of retainer releases, resulting in prompt payment for final amounts due for the project.
  • Reduces the time necessary for revision of previous billings submitted.
  • Item Billing integrates with Job Cost, Accounts Receivable, Estimating, and General Ledger.
Item Billing Screen Samples
Item Billing Report Samples

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