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Increase profitability and improve efficiency of your business with eDeneb’s robust, fully-integrated, securely cloud-based system. You’ll enjoy working in real time from any location, at any hour, while experiencing streamlined productivity with proven solutions to meet the accounting challenges of the industry. You’ll also save money by customizing your system from a comprehensive menu of modules, including mobile system, to meet your business needs. Knowledgeable, personalized service based on 35 years of experience makes Deneb the obvious choice in construction accounting software.

Proven Construction Software

Available as a Cloud Application

Access eDeneb on the Cloud with Any Connecting Device from Any Location!

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Call us toll-free at (800)-952-7888

Proven Construction Software Available as a Cloud Application

Access eDeneb on the Cloud with Any Connecting Device from Any Location!

Because most construction tasks generally occur in the field rather than in an office behind a computer, cloud technology solutions can dramatically streamline interactions between the jobsite and the home office. Our newest browser-based product, eDeneb Software, is specifically designed to run on the Internet.


Maximizes Profits

Access your company information anytime, anywhere...

Why eDeneb

Reduces Costs

Control your monthly billing by paying only for what you...

Why eDeneb

eDeneb Provides All Your Software Needs

eDeneb Construction Accounting Software offers the following modules:

Accounts Payable

On-demand printing of Waivers of Lien and Affidavits expedites payments from customers.

Accounts Receivable

The customizable Price Book and Inventory Pricing feature streamline, consistent pricing of tasks and materials.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank balance reconciliation with General Ledger verifies the accuracy of the company's financial position.

Equipment Control

Billing rate for in-house and lease equipment improves the accuracy of costs charged to each job.


The material and labor structure reduces input time and creates consistent application of the labor required.

General Ledger

Fully integrated financial statement data significantly reduces the cost of statement preparation by CPA professionals.

Inventory Control

Current inventory valuation is available 24/7, allowing for immediate response to unexpected fluctuations.

Job Cost

The Job Cost module is the heart and soul of the eDENEB system as it consolidates the information relevant to each job.


Payroll integrates with Job Cost, Equipment Control, Work Order, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation.


Proven Deneb Software Moves to the Cloud

Since 1985, Deneb Inc. has been providing job management software solutions to a wide variety of contractors and construction-related businesses across the country.

Deneb construction accounting software and cost estimating solutions have been proven by companies across the country to meet the challenges of the contracting and building industry.

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What Clients Are Saying About eDeneb

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients.

Company CFO
For Consulting

eDeneb has kept all the great capabilities of the legacy Deneb software program and combined it with the flexibility that Cloud...

Randi Pratt
Office Manager
For Consulting

What sold me on eDeneb was the ability to add notes and attach paperwork to validate transactions in the General Ledger.

Florence Woodall
VP of Business Operations
For Consulting

Using eDeneb has been a wonderful experience, and the support staff have been more than helpful with suggestions.

Merrick Mechanical
Louisville, KY

The system is so versatile that we have been able to satisfy everyone's needs for information, from Project Foremen to Company Officers.

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