Equipment Control

eDeneb Equipment Control Module

With Sample Reports and Screens

The Equipment Control module is designed to monitor the profitability of capital equipment assets and leased equipment. By implementing an array of user defined information fields, this module provides the flexibility to record and track critical information to record the maintenance, billing, and proper depreciation of equipment assets. Billing rates by hour, day, week and month may be set for each individual piece of equipment.

Operation and maintenance costs for equipment items are recorded here if not posted from other modules. Depreciation entries are generated on a regular schedule to populate the General Ledger. Equipment billings are recorded as costs on the job in Job Cost when billings are posted.

Equipment Control Benefits
  • Billing rate for in-house and lease equipment improves the accuracy of costs charged to each job.
  • Managing the profitability of each piece of equipment promotes better decision-making on the timing of asset replacement.
  • The monthly Asset Depreciation Schedule reduces the input time for separate entries in General Ledger.
  • Equipment Control integrates with Job Cost, General Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Payable and Payroll.
Equipment Control Screen Samples
Equipment Control Report Samples

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