eDeneb Benefits for Contractors and Construction-Related Businesses

Friendly Software

The software works with you not against you to accomplish daily functions of recording and processing work activity.

Real Time Reporting

Job cost management reporting and project review is available in real time without any of the constraints of a generic accounting system which drives reporting based on general ledger accounts or structures.

In-House Payroll

There is no need for the expense of outsourcing payroll and having to wait for a third party to provide payroll expenses for job management.

Cloud Technology Means Universal Access

Projects can be reviewed or input done from home, the job site, or from other remote locations without having to make a trip or call to the office.

Cloud Technology Means Lower Overhead

eDeneb eliminates the need to buy expensive servers, routers or networking equipment. There are no individual software licenses or costly upgrades to buy.

Cloud Technology Means Data Security

You can avoid the worries and repair expense of vulnerable systems in the office by using a safer, protected server.

Intuitive Structure

The intuitive structure reduces time and expense for employee training and getting the system up and running.

Supports Multiple Companies

The different needs of multiple companies in the enterprise may be accommodated through the use of a single system, reducing expense in training and the purchase of multiple software packages.

Complete Audit Trail

Time savings accumulate rapidly when duplicate entries are eliminated, and data can always be tracked back to the source of entry with a complete audit trail.

Information Easy to Find

Spending less time looking for information makes both office input and project management more efficient.

Flexible Searches

Flexible searches when looking up customers, suppliers, jobs, employees improves office efficiency and reduces errors.

Power of SQL

The inherent functions and queries built into the system bring all of the power of the SQL database to work for you without the limitations of proprietary or less sophisticated databases.

Efficient Operation

Efficiency of operation is improved when the software works as if it was customized just for you.

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