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eDeneb Purchase Order Module

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The Purchase Order module provides a complete control management system for all purchasing by the company. The purchasing categories include material, services, and subcontractors. Orders are sorted by job, inventory, customer, or "other".

The order formatter allows for the creation of multiple input and print formats, each tailored to a specific requirement. With a single touch a purchase order may be emailed to a supplier.

Purchase orders are linked to Accounts Payable input to expedite and insure correctness in invoice processing. The costs of material purchased for inventory or a job immediately updates Inventory Control and Job Cost as soon as the item is received in the Purchase Order module.

Purchase Order Benefits
  • The integration with Accounts Payable reduces input time for invoices and controls over-billing.
  • The "one-touch email" Purchase Order function saves time, paper, and postage, while creating a date and time-stamped audit trail.
  • Flexible purchase order formatting reduces input time and protects the liability of the company by integrating appropriate notes and conditions for each specific contract.
  • Real-time updating of Job Cost and General Ledger shortens the billing cycle for materials to include in progress billings.
  • Purchase Order integrates with Accounts Payable, Job Cost, Inventory and General Ledger.
Purchase Order Screen Samples
Purchase Order Report Samples

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