eDeneb Payroll Module

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The Payroll module is a comprehensive payroll processing system that supports the state tax calculations for all 50 states, as well as reciprocal and piggyback local taxes. Prevailing wage rates may be set up for use on government projects, and then reported on a certified payroll report and/or manpower utilization report. Union pay rates, fringes, and deductions may be set up for payroll processing and reports formatted to union requirements. Payroll checks may be printed from the system, or a direct deposit file may be created for submittal to the bank.

An array of user-defined fields maintains employee information critical to human resource management. Tax reports may be printed on demand. The Remote Timecard Input link allows employees or supervisors to record time on the job directly from the field using a laptop or smart device with an internet connection. No apps are required to download and maintain for field input. W-2 forms are prepared for print at year end and an electronic file is created from the system to submit to federal and state jurisdictions. All labor expenses and burden charged to a job update Job Cost as often as timecard entry is made and posted; multiple input sessions are processed in the same check calculation.

(Left: Mobile payroll app)

Payroll Benefits
  • Direct Deposit saves printing and mailing expense, and is more secure.
  • Reciprocal and "Piggy-back" tax calculations eliminate need to manually calculate distributed taxable income.
  • On-site time-card entry reduces time spent by payroll personnel.
  • W-2 electronic file creation reduces transcription errors and the expense of using outside services to file tax returns.
  • Year-end processing for W-2's and Tax reporting is streamlined as eDENEB permits working across multiple years at the same time. No hard close is required to continue processing current data.
  • Payroll integrates with Job Cost, Equipment Control, Work Order, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation.
Payroll Screen Samples
Payroll Report Samples

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