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The Work Order module provides a dynamic scheduling and management system for work orders and service orders of all types. A hierarchy of work order status codes may be created with an accompanying color palette to highlight the flow of order activity. Work order types may also be assigned to identify the task level such as Estimate, Service Order, Change Order, or Warranty. The Calendar-view scheduler allows the dispatcher to easily view assignments by day, week or month and assign employees to active work orders. Multiple employees may be assigned to a single work order and assignments may be for multiple time blocks in the same day, or across multiple days.

The invoice formatter in Accounts Receivable allows for the creation of multiple input and print formats specifically for use on the Mobile System interface, each tailored to a specific requirement. From the Mobile System interface, technicians may update work orders for work performed, produce an invoice, and log time for Payroll input.

Work orders marked as complete are copied to Accounts Receivable and posted as a part of invoice processing.

Work Order Benefits Benefits
  • The dynamic work order dispatch view replaces "white boards" with the ability to review schedules by employee, job, work order or zip code.
  • Field updating of the work order improves the accuracy of invoices and shortens the billing/collection cycle.
  • Time logged on work orders eliminates double entry for payroll processing.
  • Work Order integrates with Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Job Cost, and Payroll.
Work Order Screen Samples
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