Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Love the mobility of eDeneb in the Cloud, being in my motor home and being able to check on the company." Florence Woodall, VP of Business Operations, John-Woody Inc.
"What sold me on eDeneb was the ability to add notes and attach paperwork to validate transactions in the General Ledger." Randi Pratt, Office Manager, Eastlund Concrete Construction, Inc.
"Using eDeneb has been a wonderful experience, and the support staff have been more than helpful with suggestions." Florence Woodall, VP of Business Operations, John-Woody Inc.
"Deneb has done a great job with the eDeneb product. The owner is especially pleased with the better readability of the reports." Randi Pratt, Office Manager, Eastlund Concrete Construction, Inc.
"You guys really are amazing! Thank you for making these adjustments to the Workers Compensation Report program." Florence Woodall, VP of Business Operations, John-Woody Inc.
eDeneb Discovery Conference Comments
"eDeneb has kept all the great capabilities of the legacy Deneb software program and combined it with the flexibility that Cloud Computing brings to the mix. Being able to see the progress of all our jobs in real time is a big advantage for us." D.B., CFO, Ontario Mechanical.
"It is good to see that eDeneb retains all the great data integration features, but with a different, more flexible delivery system." M.S., Reliable Construction.
"I like the idea that we can now work across multiple time periods...input January data so we don't fall behind while waiting for year-end data from the prior December. And we don't have to wait until the end of a month to run reports on any job in progress. That will be a big help." L.F., Brumbaugh Construction.
"To access comprehensive Job Cost data across all our projects in real time is HUGE to me. If I can check up to date job details at home in the evening I don't have to keep thinking about what might be happening...I can start planning my next move instead of worrying about the unknown" K.E., CEO, Ontario Mechanical.
Additional Comments by Industry
"Job Cost has greatly calculated our winnings and losing for each particular job and has proven to be both efficient and convenient." Master Lighting Service, Hilliard, OH
"I have seen several other payroll systems, and none have equaled the smooth layout of your system." Woodward Excavating Co., Inc., Reynoldsburg, OH
"The variety and detail of reports available is outstanding. Now that we have the hang of it, entering payroll and accounts payable is a breeze and I can't imagine going back to our old Deneb system. We are very happy that we decided to upgrade to eDeneb." Nonda Gajewski, Office Manager Milwaukee General Construction Co., Inc.
"The system is so versatile that we have been able to satisfy everyone's needs for information, from Project Foremen to Company Officers." Merrick Mechanical, Louisville, KY

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