eDeneb Estimating Module

eDeneb Estimating

The Estimating module is a material and labor oriented estimating package that is versatile enough to handle multiple trades in compiling a bid. The Estimating module is provided with an empty Price Book that may be updated from Inventory, industry pricing services, or manually entered items. Labor rates may be assigned by estimate or phase so that as takeoff is performed the labor component is added to the estimate based on the labor factor assigned to each material item entry.

Assemblies of individual items made be created easily by selecting items in the Price Book and assigning the material and labor units included for each item. Variations in material prices or crew productivity can be adjusted for when selecting assemblies during takeoff.

Once the work contract is won, the job budgets as well as change orders can be created in Job Cost using the estimate copy function. For jobs requiring a percentage type bill or draw request, the schedule of values can be created quickly in the Item Billing module from the estimate.

Estimating Benefits

  • The material and labor structure reduces input time and creates consistent application of the labor required.

  • The Price Book import and update features streamline consistent pricing of tasks and materials.

  • Tracking of change orders is improved when new estimates are created for a job in progress.

  • Estimating integrates with Inventory, Item Billing and Job Cost.

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