Deneb, Inc. Combines its Proven Accounting Software with State-of-the-Art Cloud Technology

"Our business model is 100% customer-centric; our success depends on creating and supporting software that makes our customers more efficient and profitable." Ken Lykins, DENEB CEO

eDeneb Contruction Accounting Software

Deneb, Inc. is committed to helping you in any way we can to perform your jobs better, quicker and more cost effectively.

Our offices are located in Dayton, Ohio and Fountain Hills, Arizona. Deneb staff works as one cohesive team to service our customer base with product training and support, as well as ongoing software maintenance and development projects. The staff includes a management team representing years of experience with the construction industry, accounting and specifically, with our software products.

The Deneb Construction Accounting & Estimating System was originally released in 1985, and is known today simply as DENEB by the many customers still using the product. This product is enhanced on a regular basis and customers receive our full support services. WinJob is the second generation Deneb solution that was released in 2001 to allow Windows-based customers to take advantage of graphical functions and open database architecture.

Responding to your needs, Deneb is now offering a browser-based product, eDeneb. As the successor of two generations of products, eDeneb retains all of the functionality offered by our previous products, and delivers many more features and benefits.

Ken Lykins, Deneb CEO

Ken Lykins, Deneb CEO

The very nature of the construction industry is change. There is constant pressure to streamline operations, improve production, develop new technology and seek out new solutions to old problems. The Deneb staff is committed to helping its customers remain competitive through the use of our proven business management tools.

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