eDeneb Accounts Receivable Module

eDeneb Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module is the core of the order and invoice process, as well as revenue receipts. It is integrated with other specialized Modules: Item Billing and Work Order plus Mobile System. The Price Book feature provides a database to catalog items and their sale price to create uniform, accurate quotes. The Invoice Formatter contained in this module offers the flexibility to create Detail, Lump Sum, or Service formats for creating invoices.

Once created, an estimate may be retrieved as a (1) Quote, updated to a (2) Work Order, and then printed as an (3) Invoice... all without re-keying any data. An "email invoice" function transmits the invoice to a customer with a single action, producing a date and time-stamped record.

Retainer amounts are billed and released for payment without re-keying data. Customer statements, Sales Tax and Receivables/Aging reports are available upon demand. Materials used updates the Job Cost Module when an order is marked "complete". When invoices are posted, the corresponding Job Cost and General Ledger records are updated, enabling real-time job cost reporting.

Accounts Receivable Benefits

  • Flexible invoice formatting reduces input time and customizes invoices to include customer logo and match each customer's preferred format.

  • The customizable Price Book and Inventory Pricing feature streamline consistent pricing of tasks and materials.

  • The "one-click email" invoice function provides an accurate audit trail of billings and facilitates prompt payment.

  • Accounts Receivable integrates with Item Billing, Work Order, Job Cost, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and Inventory.

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